City tour Cusco

The city of Cusco, Capital of the Empire of the Incas, has a wide variety of tourist attractions. The tour of the city and its surroundings is very popular due to the archaeological groups and their significance, we will contemplate on our visit the majestic Cathedral of Cusco, the Koricancha or Temple of the Sun, and the archaeological complexes of Sacsayhuaman, Tambomachay, Qenqo and Puka Pukará.
Our team will pick you up from your hotel in the city of Cusco at around 1:30 pm to board a tourist bus that will take us to visit the different archaeological and religious attractions, including:
The Temple of Qoricancha and the Convent of Santo Domingo, a religious center built to worship the Sun, was the most important and therefore venerated deity of the Inca era. In this place the extraordinary Inca architecture stands out along with Spanish architecture, we can also appreciate beautiful paintings from the Cusco school in its colonial art gallery.
The Cathedral of Cusco, is located in the main square of the city; It is a colonial monument of great artistic value, it was built in the Inca Palace of Wiracocha, currently within the carved wooden works such as the choir, the pulpit and the altars, as well as beautiful paintings from the Cusco school and works in engraved silver.
Sacsayhuaman "Place where the hawk is satisfied" , located 2 km. from the city of Cusco. it was built of huge carved stones joined together with imperious precision; This admirable fortress is made up of three overlapping platforms with an average length of 360 meters; here you can see stones up to 9 meters high. From there, you get a spectacular view of the entire city of Cusco and the beautiful panorama formed by the peaks of the hills.
Archaeological Complex of the "labyrinth" of Qenqo, located 01 km from Sacsayhuaman; It was an Inca ceremonial center that was considered an epicenter of worship. An open space called an amphitheater stands out, where its idols and mummies were found in the 19 trapezoidal niches it has, although it is currently half its real height.
The archaeological group of Puka pukara "Red Fortress", known as the red fortress for the reddish color it shows due to the large amount of iron it contains in its stones; it is deduced that the place was an old dairy that served as a rest and also as a guard, since it could have the function of taking care of Tambomachay. On site you can see attractive architecture, fountains, aqueducts and various Inca enclosures.
Tambomachay "Place of rest", the complex is made up of a set of finely carved rocks, waterfalls and aqueducts from nearby springs and hot springs, which is why it is related to the cult of water. In front of the building was a tower that must have served for defense and communication.
The tour ends at approximately 6:30 pm. when we arrived in the city of Cusco.

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City tour Cusco

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1:15 pm Pick-up from your hotel in the city of Cusco.
1:45 pm Guided visits to the Cathedral of the city of Cusco.
2:30 pm Visit to Qoricancha or Temple of the Sun.
3:30 pm Departure to the archaeological complex of Qenqo (tourist bus).
3:45 pm  Arrival and visit to the Archaeological Complex of Qenqo.
4:15 pm Visit to the archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman.
5:15 pm Visit to the archaeological complex of Puca-Pucará.
17:30  Hiking and visit to the archaeological site of Tambomachay.
6:15 pm Visit to the handicraft market in Sacsayhuaman.
6:45 pm Return to the city of Cusco (Plaza San Francisco).


  • Professional Tour Guide in Spanish or English.
  • All transfers from your hotel and to the center of Cusco.


  • Tickets (Cathedral, Qoricancha and Cusco Tourist Ticket BTC).
  • Others not mentioned in the Tour.


  • Sneakers, polo shirts, pants, shorts, raincoat (for the season from October to April)
  • Sun hat, sunscreen, mineral water and personal medication.
  • Extra money, cameras.

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